The Ultimate Makeup Experience

We founded Facing Beauty Studios in 2012, being that we are sisters-Karla & Tania, we always dreamed together and Facing Beauty Studios is a result of a BIG dream. We are both fascinated by beauty and art. When we finished college, we realized it was time to begin our journey. We both always wanted a place where we can inspire others to accomplish their dreams, whether it be someone wishing to feel beautiful or someone who wishes to accomplish their career outside of the traditional way.

We made it our mission:

To provide exceptional service- the same service we wished for every time we sat on the opposite end.
To teach and push creativity- we don’t just teach our students makeup artistry, we encourage them to express their own individual creativity.
To retail high-end cosmetics at prices we always hoped for.
To build a vanity with a perfectly lit mirror for you to face your beautiful self– we designed our dream space to apply our daily makeup routine.

& most importantly to introduce you to the
Ultimate Makeup Experience.

We hope that after your experience with us, we’ve fulfilled your dream expectations.

Tania & Karla